Our Production Team

Meet the Camelot team who spends time meticulously researching, writing, interviewing, and collaborating to deliver meaningful and relevant content for our readers. Our goal is to be a strong voice advocating for educators and students in alternative education.

  • Rachel Stevens Schmidt, M.S.
    Rachel Stevens Schmidt, M.S. Operations Director, Camelot Education

    Rachel Stevens Schmidt joined Camelot in 2012. She currently serves the organization as the Executive Operations Director, in which she is responsible for central office support of the operations field management team with various marketing, strategic planning, budgeting, and operational functions. Rachel serves as executive project manager for multiple board specific projects and contributes to the ACE Review as a lead researcher, interviewer, and photographer.

  • Jenny Grayson
    Jenny Grayson Marketing Specialist, Camelot Education

    Jenny Grayson joined Camelot Education in 2017. In her role as Marketing Specialist, she promotes the partnerships between Camelot Education and our district partners as well as the extraordinary successes of our students and staff. Jenny also manages Camelot’s website and social media channels and acts as Project Manager for the ACE Review.

  • Julia Guajardo Barrow, Ed.D.
    Julia Guajardo Barrow, Ed.D. Vice President of Operations, Camelot Education

    Julia Guajardo Barrow is a Vice President of Operations with Camelot Education.  In her role, she is responsible for supporting programs in Texas, serves as district liaison, manages an annual third party evaluation, collaborates in putting together Camelot’s quarterly ACE Review, develops training, coaches school leaders, and oversees Camelot’s information management system.